Mobile optimized app

Xplus Networks app provides optimized UX/UI for mobile users.
You can play games anywhere, anytime on mobile.

Our poker app does not require to use any emulators

You don’t need a mobile emulator for your PC.
The PC-only app software is available.
Of course, it supports multi-tables play.

Insurance Function

Players who are afraid of bad beat can protect their chips by purchasing insurance.
You can select the Outs that you want.

Time Based Table

Developed with the world’s top-tier technology, the “time base table” is a game with a set time to end, and you can see the players’ entire game history after a set time.
In addition, this new system charges rake for winners only which means zero rake for losers. You can enjoy more reasonable game.
Xplus Network is committed to maximize your profits.

Hole Card Open Delay System

We are introducing a new system to minimize colluding that reflects the latest trends in holdem games around the world.
In order to prevent users from colluding damage, this system keeps the hole cards closed before the each player’s turn on pre-flop.
To realize an environment without any frauds, Xplus Network is constantly working hard.

A fair game

For a fair game, Xplus Network has acquired a GLI’s RNG certification and a Gaming license.
In addition, our security team is constantly monitoring any suspicious activities such as bot or colluding.
To prevent such online fraud, we will keep improving our system.