Is Xplus Network reliable?2019-12-10T16:58:12+08:00

That’s right. Xplus Network is licensed service from Curacao. This means that players’ bankroll and profit are legally guaranteed. In addition, our random number generator for card dealing is certified by GLI which is the most trusted RNG certifiying company in the world.

What is the difference between other poker networks and Xplus Network?2019-12-10T16:58:45+08:00

We provide our partners with unprecedented profitability which can’t be matched in anywhere else.

Our partners can use our service globally.2019-12-10T16:59:30+08:00

If you need more details, Contact us via [Contact us].

Does Xplus Network offer 24 hours per day customer service?2019-12-10T17:00:14+08:00

That’s right, Xplus Network monitors and responds to CS 24 hours per day and tries to give you a quick answer as soon as possible.

Is Xplus Network partner friendly?2019-12-10T17:00:45+08:00

Yes, we always care about the best return for our partners. For sales activities, we provide various functions such as back office and promotional support.

I am interested in Affiliate and Skin. Where should I contact?2019-12-10T17:01:20+08:00

For more information, Please contact us. We’ll provide you a brochure with more detailed information.

Skype sales_99497

Whatsapp +601112822566

 Telegram @Xplusnetwork